"A Latin Revolution In Jewish Music"

.        Chol Hamoed Pesach Concert @ Chabad SOLA (April, 2017) 

.        Purim Celebration @ Temple Ramat Zion (March, 2017 

.        Sukkot Concert @ Social Dashboard (LA, October, 2015)
·        Chabbad Sola Purim party (Los Angeles, February, 2015)
·        Hanukkah Concert @ Social Dashboard (LA, December 2014)

.        Ramat Tzion Purim party (Northridge, February 2013)

.        Chabbad Hanukkah Public Lighting (Buenos Aires, Montevideo, 2010-2012)
·        MovieCenter Theatre (Montevideo, August 2009) Show Full Band & Dancers to present CD album “Diaspor Sur.” The theme of show was: "Peace Between The Nations"
·        Teatro Solís Resort, Restaurant and Bar RARA AVIS (Montevideo, May 2009)
·        Hotel Club del Lago (Punta del Este, Passover shows, March 2009,2010, 2011)
·        Hotel Conrad (Punta del Este, February 2009) show opening conference Bucay-Shemtov
·        Show of Racial Integration organization "Anti Defamation League" (Bronx, NY, August 2007)


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